1. Administration

    Learn more about our Executive Team and their contact information.

  2. Customer Services

    Find all options to make a payment, make changes to your account, learn about leak detection.

  3. Communications and Outreach

    Access details about the legislative and public affair services that are provided to the district.

  4. Engineering & Planning

    Learn about the planning, mapping, design, inspection, and construction of all new capital and private development.

  5. Finance & Purchasing

    Find bid information, annual budgets, annual financial reports, financial and purchasing policies.

  6. Human Resources

    Find employment opportunities, benefits, job descriptions, and salary schedules.

  7. Legislation

    CVWD is an active leader in water and local governance working diligently to keep your water rates low and stable and to protect the quality and reliability of your water.

  8. Operations

    Learn about the Operations Department of Cucamonga Valley Water District and the role they serve.