Environmental Learning Center

What is the Environmental Learning Center?

The Environmental Learning Center was developed to provide students with a hands-on water and environmental education field trip opportunity. The Environmental Learning Center and Learning Garden are an opportunity for students 1-6 grade to participate in activities ranging from healthy eating to owl pellet dissection to microscope investigation. 
The Environmental Learning Center aligns with the California Curriculum Standards and the Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI), helping teachers meet their education classroom standards through an exciting field trip.

Field Trip Scheduling for 2016-2017 School Year

Please Note: Due to high demand, grant funding for CVWD service area classes has been depleted! Field trip dates are limited. If you want to schedule a class field trip, please fill out the appropriate field trip request form depending on the class grade level. Once you submit the field trip request form, a representative will contact you to schedule your class trip to the Environmental Learning Center. (Transportation costs and material costs will not be covered)

Field Trip Request Form for 1st-3rd Grade Classes.

Field Trip Request Form for 4th-6th Grade Classes.


Student Groups Outside CVWD Service Area

Other community and student groups are invited to participate in the Environmental Learning Center field trip beginning August 2016 at a $5 cost per student. A minimum of 15 students are required to schedule a field trip. Please contact the CVWD Communications & Outreach division for more information, (909)987-2591.

CVWD Environmental Learning Center Partners      

The Cucamonga Valley Water District is pleased to announce our partnership with the Inland Empire Resource Conservation District/IERCD to offer access to a wider range of activities at the Environmental Learning Center. These additional hands-on activities include the importance of preserving natural resources through growing native plants, and learning about water conservation and wildlife habitats.

The City of Rancho Cucamonga's Environmental Programs Division is a longtime partner of the Learning Center and provides additional hands-on activities to include the importance of preserving natural resources through waste reduction with the activity “It’s Nice to Use, It Twice”.

These new hands-on activities are a welcome addition and will increase student’s knowledge on the importance of environmental stewardship.

Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water is a founding education sponsor of the Environmental Learning Center.


Southern California Edison is a founding education sponsor of the Environmental Learning Center.

SoCal Edison