Drought Response

Individual and Aggregate Self-Certification Documentation
The following documents were submitted to State Water Resources Control Board on June 22, 2016 as part of the District’s self-certification of supply reliability under California Code of Regulations, title 23, section 864.5.  The submitted documents linked below demonstrate surplus available supplies to meet projected demands over the next three years under continued drought conditions. 
Worksheet 1: Total Available Water Supply for Individual Water Supplier
Supporting Analysis and Calculations
Signed Certification Form

To view the District's most recent water use numbers, visit the State's DRINC Portal here and select Cucamonga Valley Water District in the drop down menu on the right. 

Update: June 30, 2016: 
Water Restrictions Eased; Drought Rates Lifted 
CVWD would like to thank all customers for your continued water savings efforts. Since we began reporting our water usage to the state in June 2015, CVWD customers have saved an average of nearly 27%. 

On June 28, 2016, the CVWD Board of Directors lifted drought rates and eased limitations on water use effective July 1, 2016. Well-planned water supply investments for drought resiliency allowed the District to self-certify its water supply at a level that does not require stringent water reductions by its customers. 

On May 18, 2016 the State Water Resources Control Board adopted changes to the emergency conservation measures, and allowed urban water suppliers to self-certify their water supply based on an additional three dry years. Self-certification allows water agencies to look at future demands and available supply to determine whether there is a potential shortfall that would require a call for conservation. Through this analysis, CVWD projects that it has the water supply necessary to meet customer demands. The self-certification concept was a process the District had pushed with the State Board since the emergency regulation was put in place.

“Based on anticipated demands of approximately 52,700 acre feet (an acre foot is equal to an acre of water one foot deep), CVWD anticipates having a supply surplus ranging from 6,900 to 2,500 acre feet over the next three years. The surplus is a testament to the Board of Directors commitment to allocate resources to local water supply development projects that increase the drought resiliency of our service area,” stated Martin Zvirbulis, General Manager/CEO. “However, the State Board has made it clear they will continue to monitor urban water agencies. We are encouraging our customers continue to use best management practices for water use efficiency.”

Effective July 1, 2016, CVWD will return to Stage 1: Encouraging Water Use Efficiency. Drought rates will not be in effect, and there will be no restrictions on outdoor watering days. Customers are encouraged to continue using water wisely by following these recommendations:

• Use a shutoff nozzle on all hoses.
• If decorative fountains are in use, they must have a recirculating water system.
• Fix leaks and broken sprinklers immediately.
• Ensure there is no sprinkler overspray or runoff.
• No hosing of paved surfaces, such as driveways, streets and sidewalks.
• No watering within 48 hours after it rains.

CVWD is committed to working with our customers to help manage water use in our community. For conservation tips and rebate information, visit our Rebates page.

To report water waste in the CVWD community, please click here.