Land Development

 ***NOTICE TO ALL DEVELOPERS: All projects are still being processed during the COVID-19 response. District staff are still working remotely to provide service beyond expectation. There are new protocols for submittals and communication are described in the linked document Engineering Counter COVID-19 Protocols. 

Please contact your assigned District Plan Checker or Inspector for more information. You may also call the front desk at 909-987-2591 to be redirected to an available staff member for questions.


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Land development projects are construction projects that have new water or sewer connections to the public Cucamonga Valley Water District system, either residential or commercial, which typically include buying water meters or tapping into sewer mains or water mains in the streets and public right of way.

Submittal Requirements

The following plans and information will be required at the time of your first land development plan check submittal:
  • Water Improvement Plans (two sets)
  • Water Flow Calculations (two sets)
  • Fire Flow Requirements / Plans from Fire District
  • Tract or Parcel Map
  • Title Report (not more than six months old)
  • Sewer Improvement Plans (two sets)
  • Sewer Flow Calculations (two sets)
  • Grading Plans
  • Street Improvement Plans
  • Storm Drain Plans
Please note: Incomplete submittals will not be accepted.

Temporary Water Meter (Construction or Agricultural)

Application for a temporary water meter must be made in person in our office. The following information is needed to process your application:
  • Company Name
  • Billing Address
  • Contact Name and Phone Number
  • Security Deposit (Visa, Master Card, check, or cash are acceptable forms of payment)
  • Meter Installation Location
Once the application is accepted, allow two business days for installation of the temporary water meter.

Temporary Water Meter Charges and Deposit

Meter Size
Rental Charge (per month or part thereof)
3 inches
4 inches

Meter Installation

The meter will be locked down to the fire hydrant by the District. The temporary potable water rate is $4.70 per hundred cubic feet (748 gallons) effective 7/1/2018. The temporary recycled water rate is $3.66 per hundred cubic feet effective 7/1/2020 and will increase to $3.76 per hundred cubic feet effective 7/1/2021. Please visit the recycled water page for more information about availability.  If you need the temporary water meter relocated, call our Customer Service Department at 855-654-CVWD (2893).

Meter Pickup

After the completion of your project, don’t forget to call our Customer Service Department at 855-654-CVWD (2893) to have the temporary water meter picked up. Once the meter is picked up and all fees due have been remitted to the District, we will process the return of the security deposit less any repair costs.