Level Billing Plan

About the Program

The Level Billing Plan (LBP) allows customers to split the annual cost of their water and sewer charges into eleven equal payments throughout the year. The LBP payment amounts are based upon the average usage of your prior years billing statements. If your actual usage during the year exceeds the annual calculated LBP monthly payments, those charges will be billed on your annual settlement statement. You are still responsible for paying the full cost of your usage.

You may call to increase the LBP monthly payment amount if you know you are using more water. The new monthly payment will take effect on the next billing statement. Your monthly billing statement will not show an accumulated balance. It is important to review your billing statement to compare your actual charges to your LBP monthly payment. At any time, you can call Customer Service to verify your accumulated or deferred balance. 

You must meet the following criteria to enroll in the District's Level Billing Plan:
  • Residential customer
  • Account must be current and in good standing
  • Account must be open for a minimum of one year
Contact Customer Service at 855-654-CVWD (2893) and our representative will help you sign up for LBP. You may also cancel your participation in LBP at any time. Upon cancellation, all actual usage charges that exceeded LBP monthly payments will be due on your next billing statement.