Your Water Meter

Locate the Meter

The meter is usually located by your front curb in a direct line with the outside main faucet or valve (where you turn your water off to your house or business). It is usually housed in a concrete or plastic meter box marked "CVWD" or "Water." When you locate it, use the opportunity to make sure your meter box is accessible by clearing out vegetation or debris that is blocking the meter.

Check the Meter
To check the meter, put on gloves and insert a tool such as a screwdriver in the hole and pry open the concrete or plastic lid (do not use your fingers!). The concrete lid is heavy, so be careful when handling it. Set the lid aside. Before reaching in to the meter box, check carefully for insects or rodents. To read the meter, lift the cover (always replace the cover on your water meter after you are finished). 

Read the Meter
Reading your water meter is similar to reading the odometer in your car. Read all the numbers from left to right that appear under the words "Cubic Feet." The first digit on the right represents one cubic foot, the second from the right represents 10 cubic feet, the third from the right represents 100 cubic feet, and so on (see illustration).

Current Meter Reading
Current Meter Reading
Previous Meter Reading
Previous Meter Reading

One revolution of the water meter sweep hand equals 1 cubic foot or 7.48 gallons.

Need Help?
If you have trouble locating your water meter or if you would like a CVWD Representative to check it for you, call Customer Service at 855-654-CVWD (2893).