Construction Meters

Application Process

  1.  To apply for a construction meter, please complete the Construction Meter Application and email it to Document Submittal Email.
  2.  A Customer Service Representative will contact you to collect the deposit. Acceptable forms of phone payment are Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
  3.  Your meter will be installed within two business days after the deposit is collected. 

Temporary construction meters are available in the form of a hydrant meter. All construction meters are stationary and are set at the hydrant by Cucamonga Valley Water District staff.

Construction Meter Acknowledgement and Requirements

  • A deposit is required on all construction meters and must be paid prior to the meter installation.
    • $2,000.00 for construction meter size up to 3"
    • $3,500.00 for construction meter sizes 4" and above
  • Only District staff is authorized to move construction meters. If relocation is required, the applicant must notify the District one business day in advance. 
  • Account holders will be charged for a replacement meter or repairs in the event the meter is damaged or stolen.
  • Drawing water from the District hydrant without the use of a water meter, unauthorized removal of the meter and tampering with the meter or locking device will result in a forfeiture of the deposit.


  • An R.P. backflow assembly is required if using more than 100' of hose after the meter.
  • All pre-soaks will require an R.P. backflow assembly. Inspections are required. 
  • The backflow assembly must be tested by Cucamonga Valley Water District staff prior to use.
  • Air gap distance between the bottom end of the water pipe and flood rim of the inlet water tank must be twice (2) the diameter of the water pipe.